Resetting a Dell iDRAC or DRAC card

Jul 2011

Resetting a Dell iDRAC or DRAC card

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Sometimes those pesky DRAC cards in the Dell servers just seem to not respond or act up. If you still have CLI access to it, you can reset it a two different ways.

If you are local to the machine, and it has OpenManage installed (OMSA), use this command to perform a soft-reset:

c:\racadm racreset soft

It will acknowledge that it has completed and you have to wait a few minutes.

If you are remote you need to have the DRAC tools installed, and credentials to use the command:

racadm -r <ip address> -u <username> -p <password> racreset soft


This will perform a "soft" reset, or a power cycle. No settings will be lost or changed.This is useful as the DRAC operates independently of the server and does not power cycle when the server does.


If the settings on the DRAC have become corrupted and you need to reset it to factory settings, the command is as follows:


racadm racresetcfg


racadm -r <ip address> -u <username> -p <password> racresetcfg


This reset will set everything back to factory defaults. You will lose connection remotely as it will also reset the DRAC back to the default IP scheme.


March 22, 2013


Very Handy!

Thanks for your post. It helped me regain access to the iDrac

June 16, 2013

Anonymous 2013

When I try this on my Dell

When I try this on my Dell Poweredge 840 with a drac 4, I get the following message.

"ERROR: Unable to perform the requested operation. If the operation attempted was to configure DRAC, possible reason may be that Local Configuration using RACADM is disabled"

I have searched a lot of sites, but no solution. Can anyone help ? Thanks.

November 14, 2013


CLI unresponsive

I've found that sometimes not even the ssh session to the cli will respond. To get around that hit enter 10 times or so after starting the ssh session and you'll be greeted by a username prompt. Login and then type racadm racreset and then give it a minute to reboot. Yes I'm lazy;)

December 5, 2013


DRAC reset

Great help. Thank you

May 12, 2014


Legend, thanks a lot. Needed

Legend, thanks a lot. Needed to restart it after changing the IP address.

July 1, 2014



Saved me a bunch of time. The iDrac stopped answering after a firmware update. I did not have the courage to continue updating drivers before regaining access to the DRAC. Your tip got things working again. Thanks.

August 5, 2014


I kept seeing the Idrac as

I kept seeing the Idrac as SDA1 when trying to install linux. Resetting it with this command fixed it.

You'll need to go into the Idrac settings in the bios first and assign it a username and password, other wise you get an error trying to use the -r switch.

Thanks so much.

September 12, 2014


fixed through Dell BIOS Settings

Went through the menus and well spotted IDRAC settings.