Blake Anderton

Software Architect
04.15.11 by Blake Anderton
The Problem When using Entity Framework let's say you set up a model with inheritance. Let's make ourselves a simple example (with psuedo-code) to illustrate: abstract class Product{ int Id { get
07.30.10 by Blake Anderton
Recently I've been working on a RESTful HTTP server in WCF for a really cool project that isn't public yet, but should be soon.  I say RESTful, but it's not religiously so; more accurately its REST-
04.01.10 by Blake Anderton
We're at the point of trying to optimize LANDBOSS, and one of our first tasks was to combine our multitude of javascript files into a single one.  Many browsers do not handle a large amount of
01.05.10 by Blake Anderton
A few weeks ago we had a very odd problem our LANDBOSS nightly build site.  Every time we tried to access the reports it would asks us for authentication.  This would be the HTTP authentication
12.18.09 by Blake Anderton
Ran into an "interesting" problem this week with the ASPNetActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider configuration.  In the connection string you'll usually see: LDAP://server:portThe important thing to note
11.09.09 by Blake Anderton
Last Friday (11/6/2009) I attended the Tulsa Tech Fest held as OSU-Tulsa.  Overall the speakers were very good and I learned quite a bit so I would consider it well worth my time.  There were several
10.30.09 by Blake Anderton
Update: code examples posted, see below. Sometimes users require functionality that takes a long time, and as software developers it's our job to make sure these tasks get done in a user-friendly
10.08.09 by Blake Anderton
Just pushed LANDBOSS version 1.01 to the live environment.  While focusing mainly on feedback we got from users, it ended up with a few pretty big changes to the core architecture.  Testing was