Brian Bickell

Principal Consultant
08.20.15 by Brian Bickell
Tableau Drive Driver's Ed is a new blog series in which we explain InterWorks' unique take on Tableau Drive, a new methodology for enabling self-serve BI in the enterprise. For the full list
07.24.15 by Brian Bickell
Earlier this week, Tableau Software published a security advisory detailing a security vulnerability affecting Tableau Server. This vulnerability enables a user to impersonate a different user, which
01.13.15 by Brian Bickell
Early last year, I got some bad news after a routine doctor visit. The specifics are unimportant, but the gist is that I needed to make some significant changes in my life while I was still young
07.15.14 by Brian Bickell
Two of my passions in life are data visualization and fighting games. These two passions haven’t overlapped a whole lot, but lately I’m finding more and more uses for data in taking my Ultra Street
04.29.14 by Brian Bickell
Fine-tuning the performance of your Tableau Server environment can seem at times to be more alchemy than science, particularly with the ever-changing diversity of the needs and requirements of your
12.06.12 by Brian Bickell
After the amazing show Tableau Software put on for us at this year's Tableau Customer Conference, the BI community was abuzz with excitement about the upcoming Tableau 8. Fortunately, we weren't kept
05.10.10 by Brian Bickell
If you've managed production database servers for any amount of time, you may have run into this error message in your maintenance plan logs. "The index "[IndexName]" on table "[TableName]" cannot be
01.15.10 by Brian Bickell
In SQL Server 2005 and 2008 it's possible to start an agent job with T-SQL syntax. This is frequently useful. For example, you may have a job that you'd like to have an outside application invoke.