“Data-driving decision making” is a phrase heard in several industries, perhaps none more so than in education. In such a scrutinized field, the ability to back decisions up with data isn’t an optional luxury, it’s a necessity. The challenges that many educational organizations face are that they have a variety of data systems, a need for very user-friendly dashboards, and must have flexible tools to allow for customizing reports to meet the needs of their stakeholders. Such needs aren’t unique to education, but there are variables and nuances surrounding them that require a bit of insider knowledge. Fortunately, there are several of us on the InterWorks team with exactly that.

Learning from Experience

Before joining the InterWorks team, I worked in the education industry. During that time, I found Tableau to be the best tool to take on the shortcomings of other out-of-the-box report offerings. The flexibility Tableau provides allowed me to create a solution to any data challenge that came my way. I saw firsthand how data-driven decision making improved instruction and overall school environment. But I couldn’t do it all alone simply armed with my Tableau Desktop license. Who did I go to then for help with managing my data and creating a database? You got it, InterWorks.

Empowering Educators

Fast forward to today, and I’m part of that same InterWorks team that enables others to do more with their data in Tableau. I’ve been fortunate to work with several organizations in the education space over the past three years, and I’m proud of InterWorks’ commitment to empowering educators vs. selling them a solution they may or may not need. With that ethos always at the forefront of what we do, our team continues to come up with the best data and dashboard solutions for our clients. You can access them by hitting the button or image below. I hope you enjoy this series of dashboards to give you a hint of what’s possible with Tableau and your K-12 data! For more dashboards in education as well as various other industries, head to our Tableau portal demo site.

Note: Though the dashboards below are hosted under Derrick Austin's Tableau Public profile, they were put together by various members of the InterWorks team.




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