data visualization

07.27.15 by Russ Lyman
“Is an MBA worth the investment? The answer to this question is the standard MBA answer: It depends. The worth of an MBA depends on a variety of factors. Perhaps the most important of
06.25.15 by Mat Hughes
It’s “Action Month” at Tableau Public. Actions are one of my favorite Tableau features. They allow you to easily create interactive dashboards, and the community has used them in some very creative
06.19.15 by Jimmy Steinmetz
A powerful feature within Alteryx is the Download tool under the Connectors tab. It’s useful for pulling information down from the web. As the amount of data available on the web grows, the value of
06.09.15 by Robert Rouse
The recent floods in Texas and Oklahoma hit home for me. I live outside of Dallas and InterWorks has three offices in Oklahoma. We’ve seen double our normal rainfall this year, leading to major
06.05.15 by Matthew Albacete
One of my biggest fears when going on a long bike ride is running out of fuel and bonking (a.k.a hitting a wall). It’s a horrible feeling. Your legs feel like jelly, and it seems as if one more
06.05.15 by Zack Gorman
Every day, we are flooded with data visualizations. Whether it’s a bar chart in a newspaper, an infographic you see online or a pie chart you see in a quarterly earnings report, people are turning
05.29.15 by Robert Rouse
In some of my recent posts, I’ve talked (and visualized) about some of the reasons why I love the Tableau community. My first post about the topic was a “thank you” to the Tableau community in
05.14.15 by Tom McCullough
I haven't had a ton of time to really dig into the new features of Tableau 9, but I did want to start playing with the new Level of Detail (LOD) calculations to see what they could do. The result is