data visualization

02.03.16 by Jimmy Steinmetz
I know, I know. The idea of actually predicting March Madness with any accuracy is an exercise in futility, although that may partially explain why the tournament so fully captures the attention of
01.27.16 by Dan Murray
Transparency International publishes an annual index of government corruption perceptions for 168 countries. The index attempts to gauge how the population within a country feels about it’s
01.26.16 by Dan Murray
In Part 1 and 2 of this series, we explored data science and big data. In this post, I’ll discuss how data visualization helps people makes sense of what data scientists are creating and
01.26.16 by Will Jones
As leaders in data visualization with Tableau, we are contacted every day by potential clients seeking information about how we can help them leverage Tableau to make better decisions with
01.21.16 by Russ Lyman
With the new year comes resolutions to do better in 2016. Many have made (and already broken) the goal to exercise more. Some have resolved to eat healthier. Others have made the resolution to do
01.21.16 by Jubail Caballero
The College Football Playoffs have come and gone. With Alabama’s hard-fought win, I reminisced how their season progressed as well as seasons past. After scouring various sites and blogs,
01.20.16 by Derrick Austin
In most real world data sets, we want to compare “year over year” values. How were we doing last year? How does that compare to this year? Monitoring these comparisons can provide valuable
01.20.16 by Jimmy Steinmetz
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