data visualization

11.25.15 by Will Jones
It's finally here. I'm not talking about Thanksgiving, I'm talking about the single greatest weekend of college football in the state of Oklahoma: Bedlam. The contest pits the state's two largest
11.20.15 by Will Jones
Two weeks ago, I shared "TCU @ Oklahoma State by the Numbers." TCU had a solid advantage over OSU in most statistical categories leading into that game, yet OSU defied
10.20.15 by Cody Crouch
What’s not to love about dinosaurs? Their size, their teeth, their mystery – they still capture my imagination just as they did when I was six years old and coloring a Stegosaurus in a coloring
10.13.15 by Zack Gorman
TC15 is rapidly approaching, and roughly 12,000 attendees are expected at the festivities. The vast majority of those attendees will be flying into Las Vegas, and there will be plenty
09.14.15 by Robert Rouse
Quantified self visualizations predominantly focus on daytime activity, not sleep habits. Perhaps this is because it’s one of the most difficult things to accurately measure, or maybe it doesn’t seem
09.02.15 by Will Jones
The annual Tableau Conference (formerly known as TCC) is one of my favorite parts about working at InterWorks and being a part of the Tableau Community. I get to meet all sorts of new Tableau users
09.01.15 by Will Jones
Fantasy Football has become an incredible phenomenon in the United States. According to FSTA, over 56 million people will participate in some form of fantasy sports in 2015 with 73% playing
08.27.15 by Dan Murray
There’s been a lot of coverage of wildfires in the United States this year, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, where some of the largest fires are consuming hundreds of thousands of acres. To