How to Rebuild Outlook Email Autocomplete

Recently my Outlook email autocomplete quit working.   This is the nice feature that will autocomplete email addresses after you've entered them in one time previously.  This saves a ton of time so that you don't have to:

  • Look up email addresses for people that you email infrequently
  • Type in the entire email address for someone

It also keeps you from accidentally mis-spelling an email address.

After a little research I found that my .NK2 file was most likely corrupted.  This is the file that Outlook stores the autocomplete information in.  I renamed that file (located in \documents and settings\
\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook), but all it did was reset the autocomplete.

Luckily I found a free app that will rebuild your .NK2 file based on all of your sent email, a very handy tool.  The tool can be found here, .  It will scan your sent emails and compile all of the email addresses you have sent to and add them to the list.  

The only downside was that it did not import the addresses in the address book, but I was easily able to add everyone in our company by following these steps:

  • Open a new email
  • Click "TO"
  • Select everyone
  • Click "OK"

No need to send the email, just close it because the names have already been added to the autocomplete index at that point.


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