Webcast Fridays are 20-30 minute presentations every other Friday that show off some of the more interesting work we do hoping you will find it informative and inspiring.

On today’s Webcast Friday episode, I had the chance to talk about embedded analytics and how InterWorks’ Portal Solution can help increase user traffic to your dashboards on Tableau server. You can see the full video of the webcast above, but here are the main points that we touched on today.

Product or Platform?

We all know Tableau is a great product, but I want to show how it can actually do so much more as a platform.

  • A product is fairly static and not expandable (i.e. Excel)
  • A platform can be infinitely expanded upon. Users can extend/expand easily
  • A product is a silo unto itself
  • By utilizing Tableau Server, with the JavaScript and REST APIs, we can use Tableau as a platform in our organization.

Embedded Analytics Meets InterWorks Portals

Embedded analytics essentially helps organize and streamline your dashboards and increases user functionality. Here are some main points explaining why embedded analytics is so accessible:

  • The Unfound Perfect Report
  • Tableau Server + Web Interface (Tableau’s API’s
  • Targeted Area to Gather Data
  • Simple, Easy to Use
  • Integrated with existing Company processes

Now, let’s talk about portals. The InterWorks Portal can help match your company’s branding. Through customizable homepage features and built in search functions, our portal provides a unique visualization for your viewer.

Tableau Server can sometimes be limited when it comes to incorporating Advanced Ideas. This is where portals comes in. You can set up dynamic parameters, a feature you cannot do in Tableau Server. There are many aspects you can customize to your preference. So, instead of a loading icon, you can use a fun gif! You can also add really advanced aspects such as R and Webform.

Our Data Science team actually built a demo that shows everything you can do in the data science realm when you’re combining portals with Tableau. You can find the demos here and look around the InterWorks portal for yourself.

Traditional Model vs InterWorks Model

There are a few variations between the traditional model of custom portals and the InterWorks Portal. Let’s take a look at these differentiations:

Traditional Model

  • Cost: Free (besides time)
  • Requires web development knowledge
  • Javascript

InterWorks’ Portal Product

  • Functionality built in already (No coding necessary!)
  • Regular updates/new functionality
  • Cost $20k for the first year, $10k per year afterwards
  • You can demo these before buying at portaldemo.interworks.com and portals.interworks.com

Why Embedded Analytics?

To wrap up, embedded analytics essentially offers you a customized look and feel for your organization. It provides the different capabilities where your users can expand on Tableau. Here are a few more added benefits of working with embedded analytics:

  • Look/feel
  • Custom navigation
  • Clean/targeted interface
  • Familiar “website” feel
  • Additional functionality

As always, please contact us or get in touch with me if you have any further questions about this. Send me your questions at derrick.austin@interworks.com

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Derrick Austin

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