Have you ever spent time in a hospital? If you’ve been treated at a Medicare certified hospital, there’s a good chance you filled out a survey indicating the quality of care provided to you. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made data from over 4,000 hospital surveys available to the public, including over 36 million responses! The stated goals of the data is to:

  • Help consumers make decisions about where you get your health care
  • Encourage hospitals to improve the quality of care they provide 

About the Viz

In this dashboard, you can do a geographic or topical search to view top or bottom states and hospitals. My brilliant teammate, David Duncan, provided the custom icons you see in the dashboard, while the data was downloaded (via CVS file) from the hospital compare website. After a bit of data cleanup, (formatting fields, investigating missing data, etc.) Tableau made it fast and simple to see and understand the trends in this data.

Download the data or explore the website for yourself here

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Elizabeth Kreitler

Analytics Consultant