Best of Business 2017

We’ve done it again! For the seventh consecutive year, okc.BIZ named InterWorks the “Best IT Company in Oklahoma” in their annual Best of Business awards. The announcement came last week at the Best of Business awards banquet at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Oklahoma City. Though we’ve won this award before, we’re still just as excited as the first time we won it.

“It doesn’t matter how many years go by, we never get tired of seeing client appreciation embodied in awards like this. We know that it’s easy for companies to take shortcuts for short-term gain, but we’ve always been focused on doing right by the client and our employees. That mentality is the driving factor behind their and our sustained success.”

- Behfar Jahanshahi, CEO, InterWorks

Best of Biz Explained

You might be wondering what the Best of Business awards are and how they’re determined. Quite simply, the Best of Biz awards are an annual award list honoring the best Oklahoma businesses across several categories. These categories range from photographers and PR firms to IT companies like us.

The awards are determined through popular vote on the condition that businesses nominated have a presence in Oklahoma. For a few months each year, okc.BIZ makes available an online survey to anyone in the general public. Whichever businesses get the most votes, win.

InterWorks Best IT Company 2017

Above: Our Best of Biz award for 2017.

What Best Means to Us

When it comes to determining who the “best” at something is, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of potential metrics. For some, being the best means making the most money. For others, being the best means delivering uncompromising quality to the people they serve. We definitely fall into the latter category.

Ever since we started, InterWorks has been about helping others through unique talents – all while enjoying ourselves in the process. For us, work isn’t about how many dollar signs we can amass on a balance sheet. It’s about relationships and feeling gratified in what we do. With that mantra underlying all we do, it’s easy to see why we take special care to ensure that both our clients and our employees are completely happy.

As it turns out, this philosophy translates into more success than we ever thought possible. We continually win the repeat business of our clients because they know we’re looking out for them. They also lift us up by showing their appreciation through awards like this. If you ask us, that’s as good as it gets.

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