Ideen Jahanshahi

Systems Engineer
11.06.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
Today, Veeam released Veeam Backup and Replication 8. This upgrade contains a vast number of new features, many of which can be viewed here. This article provides a step by step guide for installing
09.17.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
Once vShield and the Symantec Security Virtual Appliance have been successfully deployed in an environment, the VDI policy that the SVA is using (see the Deploying vShield with the Symantec Security
08.12.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
For virtual machines to be able to check in to the Symantec Security Virtual Appliance, they must have Endpoint Security (EPSEC) 2.0 drivers. If Symantec Endpoint Protection is deployed on to a
08.11.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
With a VMware infrastructure, one application that can add a large amount of footprint on an environment is the antivirus solution. Since many of the operating system files in a VMware environment,
08.07.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
When deploying a virtualized desktop environment, virtual machines are deployed from a golden template. This allows the management from a central image that is shared across a group of virtual
08.06.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
As virtualization continues to grow in popularity, many vendors are now creating easy-to-deploy virtual appliances for their products. Virtual appliances can be deployed by deploying an open
08.05.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
When deploying the Symantec Security Virtual Appliance on an ESXi host, one of the requirements for installation is you must have access to the sylink.xml file. This file configures communication
07.18.14 by Ideen Jahanshahi
One of the more common ways organizations choose to address security on computers is to restrict what USB devices can be utilized within an environment. Depending on the program, there are a number