PYD43 – Fi Gordon, Paul Banoub and Paul Chapman – Enterprise BI Trends


PYD43 – Fi Gordon, Paul Banoub and Paul Chapman – Enterprise BI Trends

Podcast Your Data is a regular podcast highlighting conversations with interesting figures in the data community.

With the 2017 Tableau Conference next week, we decided to post a special bonus episode for everyone! On this week’s “Podcast Your Data!,” David Pires from InterWorks EU hosts a roundtable discussion on BI trends in large organizations. Panelists include Paul Banoub from London, Paul Chapman also from London and Fi Gordon from Sydney.

They are all fully distinguished in their respective fields and have the titles to prove it, all of which were too long to include here. So, listen in as these leading figures in data visualization join together to record a standout, informative podcast!

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