Well it’s that time of year again – the college basketball season comes to a close with the madness that is the NCAA tournament. Conference tournaments gave us a bit of a warmup, but now it’s time for the real deal. Brackets will bust, Cinderella’s will dance, tears will be shed, nets will be cut …

... and I can’t wait.

Updated March Madness Bracket Viz

As a basketball fan and data nerd, I’ve busied myself in the meantime by building a couple of dashboards for various purposes that I figured may be worth sharing with other like-minded souls. First, I updated my March Madness prediction viz from last year in case you need some help with the trickier matchups in your bracket. Choose two teams and see how they match up against each other. I included an improved mobile version as well, thanks to Tableau 10’s device layouts.

March Madness Schedule Viz

My next dashboard addresses the need of sports junkies like myself in determining which TV should be set to which network for optimal basketball viewing. I’ve split out the schedule to make it easy to see where and when your favorite teams are playing. You can choose Thursday or Friday games using the filter at the top. I even gave the option to choose based on announcers, just in case you want to make sure you hear all of Reggie Miller’s calls (if so, you can watch with me).

Player Metrics Viz

Finally, I built a viz that tries to identify which individual players are likely to score the most points over the course of the tournament. Click a player to see efficiency metrics, seeding, shooting stats, or to go to the player’s full stats page.

One more thing – I’ve made each of these workbooks downloadable, so you can explore the data for yourself. In particular, the last dashboard has plenty more to be discovered – player stats, KenPom, external links and bracket all available for your perusal. Enjoy and let me know what you end up building!

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