Last week, InterWorks played a key role in the Milwaukee Tableau User Group (TUG) event. Their mission was to gain information regarding our customers primary Tableau needs and showcase our Power Tools for Tableau. Representing InterWorks in Milwaukee was Zion Spencer, Matt Albacete and Rick Thomas. Matt and Rick are Chicago based and closely connected with the growing business found in Milwaukee.

Before the Power Tools demonstration, the attendees participated in an interactive poll on their use of Tableau and their current needs, the results of which can be found below:  

Help with Tableau

The poll results revealed that the number one need of the TUG attendees was better performance. It became a great segue into the demonstration of Power Tools. Numerous features in the toolset are focused on helping companies overcome performance challenges. Power Tools for Tableau: Server is the most recent product launch and is devoted almost entirely to the topic of performance. 

Milwaukee Tableau User Group

Following the event, many of the TUG participants migrated to a local brewery where several existing clients and potential ones expressed their interest in Power Tools. Overall, this event was a great way to remind the folks in Milwaukee that we’re excited to expand our presence there. 

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