Zion Spencer is back at it with another Power Tools for Tableau demo video! Our dive into Power Tools: Desktop wraps up with a look at the Workbook Merge tool. You can see the other demos on Best Practice Analyzer, Data Source Audit, Power Tools: Deployment and Style Management on the Power Tools for Tableau blog.

If you’ve ever faced a situation where you and a co-worker create seemingly identical projects, the Workbook Merge was developed specifically for this instance. You guessed it, you’ll be able to merge your files together instead of starting from the beginning.

Workbook Merge is an easy to use tool for multiple users to collaborate on. You’ll easily be able to select what files to publish to the combined project on Tableau Server. To see the full Workbook Merge demo video narrated by Zion, head over to the Power Tools for Tableau blog and see for yourself how efficient your workbooks can be with Power Tools.

Download your free trial of Power Tools: Desktop here and start streamlining your Tableau workbooks today!

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