A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend CLOC 2017. CLOC, which stands for Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, is an organization committed to the education of legal operations teams. This year’s conference was held in Las Vegas and brought together teams from across the country.

A big difference between CLOC and most of the conferences we go to is that CLOC isn’t a data-specific event. With so many people who are unfamiliar with data, this was a great opportunity to educate a new audience on the value that Tableau can bring to operations teams. 

Our Session with Yahoo

Our contribution to CLOC was a joint session with our friends from Yahoo about how they’re using Tableau internally to help them make better decisions. We primarily focused on dashboard building and how those dashboards can be shared within an organization.

The presentation was followed with an extensive Q&A session where attendees could ask anything they want about Tableau and data management. Most questions revolved around how Tableau Server worked, data warehousing and how to prepare data for analysis in Tableau.

Overall, interacting with so many people who were unfamiliar was fun experience. Hopefully, our session encouraged them to learn more about how Tableau can help them achieve their goals with greater success. Curious to see how this might work in your organization? Get in touch with us to find out.

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