Ricoh Printers - General Scan to Email Setup and the "Sender's Name Not Selected" Error.

Ricoh network scanning functions are sometimes a pain to get configured correctly.  Although, once you get to know Ricoh - you get used to the quirky management functions and can generally navigate to get them set up.

Recently, while working with a Ricoh Aficio C2050 I ran across a "sender's name not selected" error message when trying to scan to Email.  I set the users address as both send and receive in the address book and configured the SMTP settings - but no joy.

After scouring the interwebs, I came across a small gem in a generic white paper...

As far as I can tell with the C2050, this has to be set on the device - there was no configurable option in the Web Image Monitor:



1.  Before enabling Auto Specify Sender’s Name feature, check to ensure there is a Key Operator’s E-mail address entered in the MFP. To check and/or enter one, follow this click path at the op panel: User Tools > Systems Settings > File Transfer > Administrator E-mail Address.

2.  To enable Auto Specify Sender’s Name, follow this click path: User Tools > System Settings > File Transfer > Auto Specify Sender’s Name (Choose On).



The white paper is attached for reference.