06.16.11 by Larry McFarlin
Sometimes virus/spyware infections or other corruption can cause degradation of the boot sector resulting in error messages when trying to start your computer. Here’s how to fix it… 1)      Insert
06.16.11 by Larry McFarlin
I generally like things nice and tidy… In Outlook 2010, Microsoft has included a nifty feature called Suggested Contacts that keeps track of address'.  This is alot like the Outlook cache feature in
06.16.11 by Larry McFarlin
In the event that Outlook has become unuseable or you just need a fresh start, you can rename the associated dat files to set everything back to factory defaults.  - Unfortuantely, this does not work
01.21.11 by Larry McFarlin
If you use remote administration and troubleshooting software such as VNC or GoToAssist, you may have noticed a growing issue regarding the standard domain login screen with Windows Vista and Win7.  
10.22.10 by Larry McFarlin
If you get a "setup has detected that your computer needs to be rebooted before continuing" error message while installing software, and a reboot doesn't do the trick, try the following: Modify the
07.30.10 by Larry McFarlin
I have noticed at various times when I close Outlook 2010 and re-open, it gets stuck on the Loading Profile screen.  The only way I found to alleviate the issue is to reboot the computer and Outlook
06.11.10 by Larry McFarlin
Recently, Dell has started shipping laptops with their own proprietary software to control the WIFI connections on your laptop.  Personally, I prefer the configurability of the Wireless Zero
04.27.10 by Larry McFarlin
You've probably heard about McAfee's faux pas detection of the w32/wecorl.a virus in WinXP.  Here's what they intend to do to fix the problem... "INSECURITY OUTFIT McAfee has offered to fix the one