Matt Mueggenborg

Lead Web Developer
06.01.14 by Matt Mueggenborg
NULL errors have cropped up twice in recent development projects utilizing Tableau’s JavaScript API. In one instance, getWorkbook() returned this error: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the
05.29.13 by Matt Mueggenborg
As a web developer, you were faced with a unique decision this year. Should you get your ultimate geek on at the 2013 DrupalCon in Portland, Oregon, OR get your ultimate freak on at the 2013 Burning
03.14.13 by Matt Mueggenborg
Earlier this week, we looked at changes in content editing for nodes and blocks. Today we'll be looking at the implementation of forms and views modules in the core of Drupal 8 as well as drawing
03.11.13 by Matt Mueggenborg
Last week we started looking at the visual changes for the development release of Drupal 8.  Today, I continue to investigate the differences, particularly in regards to editing content. Improvements
03.07.13 by Matt Mueggenborg
I was sitting at home recently thinking "I wonder how life is going to change when Drupal 8 is released for production websites". So when I arrived at the office the following morning, I was
01.03.13 by Matt Mueggenborg
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert at directory services.  Through my job’s history I’ve had logins to both Microsoft Active Directory and Novell Directory Services but that’s about
10.09.12 by Matt Mueggenborg
I started my career as an artist, not a website developer.  So it’s been a long, hard road convincing myself that I have the knowledge and background to be TEACHING other developers some of the
10.08.12 by Matt Mueggenborg
It’s pretty common for a client to require an internal approval process for updates and new content creation on their website.  Often times, the person that’s changing/updating content is an