Adobe Acrobat asking to accept EULA after updating 10.1.0

I ran into a new issue today with Adobe Acrobat after installing the latest update onto Acrobat Reader 10.1.0.  The user could open up some pdf files just fine, then when trying to open up other PDF files they ran into an issue where Adobe Acrobat was asking for them to close out and launch Adobe Acrobat and accept the EULA before it could proceed. I tried closing out and opening (no EULA pop-up since it was already accepted).  I then tried opening the file from within Adobe Acrobat and it opened fine.   I next tried opening the file directly from the file itself after closing out of Acrobat.  Again the EULA warning that it hadn’t been accepted.  After a little research I found the following fix. It appears to be an issue relating to files that have "CR" in the names.  For the few clients that have been experiencing this I was able to re-create and track the EULA pop-up message back to just the files that had CR as caps anywhere in the PDF file name.  They could have any characters before or after them but if the CR are capitalized and side by side it popped up with the EULA.

Open Adobe Acrobat

Select Edit > General > Check Enable Protected Mode at startup

I’ve done this on a few machines and have not had any issues so far with problems.  Though looking through the following sites where I found this information it appears that some
people might.