Types of Engagements

We keep talking about how we do things in a different way, it's time to discuss that in more detail.

For everything we do at InterWorks, whether in BI Services, Data or IT Infrastructure, we've had to become very selective about the kind of work we do. It's tough to find the best people, it's even harder to keep them. The last thing we want to do is have our folks doing anything less than exactly the work they want to do.

Quick Strike

Quick Strikes

Our people love to be the smart folks that sweep down into a new project, or one that has stalled for some reason or another, and put everything in the right direction. Then, we want to get out. Our goal is not to become a permanent part of your organization, only to help you get over whatever hurdles have presented themselves and get your project moving forward. These hurdles could be anything from tough technical problems to higher-level management or business questions – whatever it takes to get things moving in the direction your organization requires. 

What makes this different from other consulting firms?

The core motivation with most consulting firms is to get into your company, plant a flag and call it home. Furthermore, they want to continue to grow their own team within your organization, bringing in everything from additional technical resources to project managers and administration staff. If this is what you are looking for, that's great ... there are many firms that will do this, it's just not us.

White Glove

White-Glove Relationships

Along the way, we will inevitably meet a client or organization that we really enjoy working alongside. Definitions of what makes this happen are fairly unclear (and we're happy with that), but it generally comes down to one point: Do they really respect what we bring to the company and trust our input on a long term basis?

The response has to be a clear and unequivocal "YES."

How does that set us apart from the competition?

In a single phrase: It's not all about the money. We have a completely different business model. Ours is based on hiring and retaining a fairly hard-to-find type of person, then allowing that person to do great work in a way they enjoy and for clients with which they enjoy working. There's no way we could keep the people we want if we were sending our people to clients that do not fully and undeniably value our role. Period. That's the core principle of our model and what really sets us apart.

What does all of this mean for you?

Well, that depends on who you are ...


I'm a company looking for assistance:

We're here to help. You've most likely heard about us through word of mouth or maybe you stumbled upon our blog while seeking information; either way, you believe we're the right ones to help out.

For 80% or more of these initial contacts, we assume we'll be there for a short time, and our account executives will probably talk you into a fairly short engagement. Whether Tableau Training services, high-level Tableau consulting, an implementation project or working through troubleshooting on previous work, we'll have someone who likely knows more than just about anyone in the world on that topic. They'll swoop in, save the day and work with your teams to be fully enabled. Then, according to plan, they'll move on.

What if I'd like to turn our relationship from Quick Strike into something more long-term?

First, we're flattered; who wouldn’t be? We're always open to a discussion on the topic, but our resources are (by design) limited, and we'd want to be sure everything is perfect to make this the right fit. If it's not the right fit, we have a lot of friends and can help you find the person or company that would be right for you.


I'm a consultant, developer, analyst or administrator looking for a career:

WELL, HELLO! We're always on the lookout for new people who would fit here. We’re a tough company to get into, but the rewards for you and your career are without comparison … if you are the right person.

Here are a few things to consider, see if these describe you:

  • I want to work for some of the most recognizable companies in the world. We can get you there. Maybe you want to work for ALL OF THEM? We can do that, too. We actually like it that way.
  • I want to live/work/play in a certain place (Silicon Valley, New York, London, Chicago, etc.), but I'm not there now.  We can help. We WANT to help. We have amazing things going on just about everywhere, let us know what you are thinking about. Of course, if you already live/work/play exactly where you want to be, we're still excited to hear from you.
  • I want to be respected and recognized as the person that will save the day. This is us, no doubt. If you like being the person that will dive into a problem and fix your way out, then move on…that's exactly what we do.
  • I want to learn more and more (and more), growing my career in tech business consulting. You'll learn more in a year than most people get to learn in a decade. We love diving into the newest technology and love fully dismantling the existing methods, you'll be a part of projects you didn't even know existed in the wild.
  • I want to be the best at [x], but not interested in being forced into a management role. You don't have to become a Manager to grow your career at InterWorks. We value and reward being the best, let's see what we can do to make that happen.

If you answered these positively, we should probably talk.

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