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Tableau Gold PartnerOne of the most attractive aspects of Tableau is how easy it is to learn. Tableau was designed to analyze data in a logical and natural way. Do not let Tableau’s simplicity deceive you though; it is actually an incredibly detailed visualization tool with virtually limitless ways to express your data. Even though Tableau is user-friendly, figuring out to use it effectively is an art.

Our Tableau trainers are masters of teaching others how to best use Tableau. They have trained organizations big and small across every industry in Tableau. Whether you only need a few people trained or your entire organization, we have led Tableau training classes of all sizes. Tableau training with InterWorks saves you the pain of organizing extensive Tableau training, which saves you time and money.


Tabeau Certified Trainers

Tableau Certified Trainers

Our Tableau Certified Trainers are not your average business intelligence consultants. They spend every day learning and using the ins and outs of Tableau so they can better train you. Not only that, but they received their expert knowledge from the people who created Tableau at Tableau Software headquarters in Seattle. This gives you the chance to learn Tableau how it is meant to be learned. When you learn Tableau from InterWorks’ Tableau trainers, you are simply learning from the best.

On-site Tableau Training

Customized On-site Tableau Training Classes

Location should not be a barrier to receiving quality, hands-on Tableau training classes. That is why for years we have offered customized on-site training globally. Whether you are located in the U.S., Canada, Europe or anywhere else in the world, we have you covered. We make Tableau training convenient and easy by setting up your personalized Tableau classroom at your location. As a result, the maximum number of attendees from your organization can get the in-depth training they need to master Tableau. 

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Public Tableau Training Classroom

In addition to private Tableau training, we also organize various public Tableau training courses. Each year we hold Tableau user group events across the U.S. where we set up our one-of-a kind Tableau classroom. These public user groups are a great forum to discuss and learn about all things Tableau.

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 Tableau Visualization Methodology Tableau Visualization Methodology

Tableau Visualization Methodology

When it comes to learning how to visualize your data properly, nobody knows better than our Certified Tableau Trainers. As Tableau’s longest-tenured professional services partner, we’ve trained organizations throughout nearly every industry, including government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know the proper visualization methodology for virtually any situation.

Keeping with Tableau best practices, we show you the best way to express what your data is saying. This not only helps communication within your organization, but gives you better insight to your data.

   Tableau Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques

Tableau Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques

Whether you are familiar with Tableau or not, we have training solutions for users of all skill levels. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, our Tableau trainers have an exhaustive knowledge of Tableau Software. Best of all, we personalize your training sessions to fit the needs of your data, instilling your team with the skills and knowledge necessary to master it. Even if you are a Tableau master, our experienced trainers can always teach you something new about your data.



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