The emergence of user-friendly data visualization tools like Tableau has led to the emergence of a new analytics implementation methodology. It’s called Tableau Drive, and it’s catching on as a faster, more effective way to enable self-service BI in virtually any organization.

The Old Way – A Tale of Two Groups

Business and IT often have two very valid yet divisive viewpoints when it comes to new tech:

If you’re a business user, you want the immediate benefits of a helpful new tool, but the IT status quo gets in the way. Requests travel down the never-ending IT waterfall, taking weeks or even months to go from one level to the next. With each new request, the process repeats itself.

From the IT side, the business is always running headlong into adopting some new tool. The only problem is that they don’t stop to think about how it will drain limited IT resources or the potential security concerns that come with new tech. Let’s not forget that proper implementation is a lot of work.

As you might imagine, the old way leaves someone, if not everyone, unhappy.

Drive Changes Everything

What makes Drive so revolutionary? It effectively assigns ownership to the right people, forging a new relationship between IT and business groups. Such a collaboration allows for increased cross-functionality, agility and self-serve analytics. Here’s how it works:


IT Owns “Center of Operations”

Business Owns “Center of Evangelism”


Data governance


Tableau Server / Desktop management

Creation of dashboards and reports

Establishment of best practices

Continued training and support



IT and business work together in four phases:



Foundation Building

Scaling Out


Why It Works

The secret behind Drive is cooperation. By allowing business and IT groups to focus on what they do best, eliminating unnecessary hurdles and promoting constant iteration, a new data-driven culture can emerge with everyone workings towards the same end.


We Can Lend a Hand

Long before Drive became an official methodology, InterWorks was building Centers of Excellence in organizations across the world.

Beyond just Tableau consulting and training, the real benefit of working with InterWorks is that we can work alongside various groups in your organization to establish the Drive methodology. Our success in instilling these same values as well as 20+ years of experience in business and IT give us a firm grasp of how Drive can work in your organization, from conception and beyond. We've even created a blog series called Tableau Driver's Ed that details our unique approach to Drive.

Ready to get more value from your visual analytics with the Tableau Drive methodology? Get in touch with us today.

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