Everything requires a solid foundation, even a data revolution.

When InterWorks started over twenty years ago, our focus was IT infrastructure and networking; a division of the company that still thrives today. Although consulting for some of the largest companies in the world was a dream in those early days, we may not have realized how that IT foundation would support our offering in the world of data analytics and business intelligence down the road.

Flash forward to today. Our goal of being the best provider of Tableau services and data analytics consulting in the world is still being supported by this foundation of IT infrastructure.

We got this one right very early on. Whether weighing the hardware options, navigating networking issues or addressing security concerns, a deep understanding of IT Infrastructure is often required for any Tableau Server deployment.

Tableau Server Architecture

While Tableau Server can scale to support the needs of the most mission critical deployments, careful consideration should apply. A solid road map is required to drive the decision-making process and lay the groundwork for a successful deployment.

From planning the environment and sizing the hardware for Tableau Server, to configuration and testing, there are a wide variety of options and use cases that will affect the end product. Due to these variations, InterWorks offers architecture guidance specific to your needs. Speak with one of our solution architects about your use case in order to gain a clear understanding of what architecture will benefit you the most.

Not interested in the set up and maintenance of a Tableau Server environment? Check out our Tableau Hosting options!


Tableau Server Installation

Having implemented a large number of Tableau Server environments, including some of Tableau’s most recognized clients and some of the largest deployments on record, you can be sure that yours will be done properly.

Tableau Server Performance Tuning

Since your Tableau environment is often very custom, it can be difficult to understand what goes into perfecting performance. InterWorks can review your environment to understand the root issues and recommend steps to improve performance.

Tableau Server Upgrades

When the time comes to upgrade, InterWorks guide you through the process. Having been involved with Tableau since their early years, you can rest assured that you’re working with a reputable team that has mastered the process.

Tableau Server Training

Whether you’re an end user looking to gain some efficiency or a seasoned administrator looking to understand Tableau Server’s underpinnings, we can help.


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