There’s no denying that Tableau is the best data analysis and visualization platform out there, but even the best of things can be improved upon. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we created Power Tools for Tableau.

Power Tools for Tableau

What Are Power Tools for Tableau?

Power Tools are essential software applications that make working with Tableau even easier than before. Whether it’s letting you edit multiple workbooks simultaneously, helping you manage your Tableau Server environment in one analytics panel or enabling you to migrate workbooks between environments in minutes, Power Tools cover a variety of needs not met by Tableau’s stock features. Interested? Then here’s a bit more on each tool.


Power Tools for Tableau: Desktop

If you manage and create multiple Tableau workbooks on a regular basis, you’ll love Power Tools for Tableau: Desktop. This group of tools lets you perform batch and automated interactions with your repertoire of workbooks. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of Tableau tools. Here’s what it includes:

  • Data Source Auditing
  • Best Practices Analyzer
  • Data Source Discovery
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Style Management
  • Workbook Merge
  • Color Tool
  • Drawing Tool

Power Tools for Tableau: Server

Tableau Server performance is a huge consideration in any Tableau practice. With Power Tools for Tableau: Server, pinpointing performance issues has never been easier. This tool allows you to monitor every aspect of your Tableau Server environment in one convenient panel. That means less time guessing and more time running on all cylinders. 

Power Tools for Tableau: Deployment

When you use Tableau in the enterprise, you get a lot workbooks, and we mean A LOT. You also get different environments in which those workbooks reside. Moving all those workbooks around can be hassle. The Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau (EDT) makes that process a piece of cake. With it, you can promote workbooks from one environment to another in a matter of minutes!

More Tools and Solutions Await!

Our list of Power Tools offerings goes on and on. Whether it's a custom portal for your Tableau dashboards, custom integration into the underlying code of Tableau or having our expert team take care of Tableau Server maintenance for you, we've thought of just about everything! Head to the official Power Tools for Tableau site to learn more about all of our Tableau tools.