It’s no surprise that we love Tableau. In fact, we wrote the book on it.

We actually wrote a book on Tableau and not just any book either – THE definitive guidebook. It’s called Tableau Your Data! – Fast and Easy Visual Analysis with Tableau Softwareand the 2nd edition is now available!
Tableau Your Data! 2nd Edition

About the Book

Tableau Your Data! covers core features found in Tableau, giving detailed, real-world uses cases along the way. Additionally, the book features a detailed list of useful functions and calculations. It was written for users of all skill levels and serves as an exhaustive reference resource for those wanting to deploy Tableau in their organization with maximum effect. Though most of the content in the book is broadly applicable to all versions of Tableau, the 2nd edition features extensive updates current with Tableau 9.2.


About the Author

What makes our book special aside from being generally awesome? For one, it was written by our resident Tableau Zen Master and Director of BI Services, Dan Murray. Dan has over 30 years of global business experience and has been a huge proponent of Tableau ever since they got their start. In fact, he helped create the very first Tableau User Group in the US!

Dan channels his experience with organizations such as Facebook, Rosetta Stone, Carnegie Mellon University and the Federal Reserve directly into the book.


Backed by Tableau Leaders

All of this sounds well and good, and it’s clear that we’re very proud of our own book, but what do others think of our book? Here's what:

  • It’s officially endorsed by Tableau, with CEO, Christian Chabot, giving the foreword.
  • Numerous Tableau Zen Masters revere it as the best Tableau book written to date.
  • Classrooms and Tableau trainers across the globe have adopted “Tableau Your Data!’ as their course material of choice.

What more is there to say? All that’s left is to check it out yourself. Head to the official “Tableau Your Data!” page to learn more and order your copy of the 2nd edition!