Business in the Information Age relies on information superhighways known as networks. How well you traverse these highways depends on the technology you use as a vehicle.

Each minute, countless decisions are influenced by information shared amongst colleagues and clients. You access collaborative documents routinely, send emails by the dozens, keep a constant stream of contact via phone and IM, and exchange millions of tiny data packets per hour. It’s the same the story everywhere. So, what differentiates those who operate fluidly and those who don’t? The answer lies in the structure and quality of your network.


Network accessibility is all about scope and control. Your end-users need unfettered access to the information and systems they need to their jobs. They also need the ability to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Yet, as an IT administrator, you need the control to manage this access how you see fit. 

Starting with a reliable wireless infrastructure solutions from InterWorks, you can ensure access is consistent across the board. We then tie in unified communication applications like Office365 to keep you connected to one another regardless of where you are. Finally, by setting up secure firewalls and private networks, we help you allocate the right level of access to the right people.



There comes a time when your network can’t keep up with your growth. You feel the struggle. Users battle for limited network bandwidth and storage. The cost and effort of upgrading seems daunting. But there is help.

We can provide and assist in the implementation of scalable enterprise storage and servers, giving you the freedom to upgrade at your own pace. By adding virtualization into the mix, we enable you to run leaner without compromising capability. A trusty backup and disaster recovery solution serves as a safety net from pitfalls along the way. We tie all of this together, providing a highly-available, cost-effective network designed to grow with you.




Nothing is more frustrating than a slow network. You just need it to work without a hitch. Regular performance tuning can do a lot to keep things running smoothly, but knowing what to tune is a fine art. Even with proper tuning, the real problem often lies in the makeup of your network infrastructure. 

Using intelligent wireless networking solutions we can give you the bandwidth you need to run full speed ahead. Utilizing virtualization and VDI, we can take speed even further by freeing up valuable network resources – all while being conscious of cost. Of course, if all you need is a network tune up, we can fix you up there, too.



You’re not the only one who values your business’ precious information. Keeping your network safe and secure from all angles is an ongoing affair, but the right security software and protocols can keep you protected now and well into the future. By leaning on trusted enterprise anti-virus, firewalls, spam services, backup systems and private networks, we can give you multi-point protection inside and out.