TableauKit by InterWorks

Looking for TableauKit? Some things have changed.

Not too long ago, we created a script-based PowerShell module for working with Tableau files. We called it TableauKit, and it provided commands for opening Tableau files, navigating the workbook XML and saving changes back to a TWB or TWBX file. 

Alas, though TableauKit was a great tool at the time, it has since run it's course and is no longer available. Why the change? Because we made something even better.

TableauKit Has Evolved

TableauKit was the precursor to a much more ambitious undertaking by the InterWorks team. It laid the groundwork for a tool that allows you to manage virtually aspect of your Tableau workbooks through code: the Workbook SDK for Tableau, part of the Power Tools for Tableau family. 

Workbook SDK for Tableau

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Curious to see everything you can do with Workbook SDK? Head over to the official Workbook SDK for Tableau page for more info and to download it for yourself. 

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