This week I gave a talk on level of detail expressions at the Atlanta Tableau User Group. Preparing for that talk I watched lots of video. The speech by Ian Coe and Adam Kamor, Pick Your Poison, LOD Expression or Table Calc inspired this dashboard. InterWorks' Robert Curtis also did a whole series on LOD calcs.

What I Added

This is similar to the worksheet that Ian provided in the talk, but I added a few things:

  1. Sorted the stacked marks by city for descending Average $ Sales by Order.
  2. A Min/Max label for the maximum city.
  3. Rank table calculations to show the specific cities’ rank within the state and the country. These are included in the tooltip.
  4. Filters for the year and for the sum of sales.
  5. Text table that displays the total city marks in view that will change depending on the year filtered but not for the sum of sales filter.

Thanks to Ian and Adam for the talk, and to Tableau Software for providing recording of the talks on the web. I just got around to watching the ones that I couldn’t attend. Excellent content!

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