Evictions are a sensitive subject in San Francisco. Long-term residents are being pushed out of their homes due to rising rent – some through evictions. Two of the most common, and controversial, ways to evict someone are the Ellis Act and Owner Move-in.

The Ellis Act allows a landlord to leave the rental business and evict all tenants in the building. Some argue this can be used by the property owner to circumvent rent control laws. Owner Move-in is another form of eviction in which the owner notifies the tenant that they or a family member will be moving in to the unit. There are documented cases of owners providing such notice, not moving themselves or a family member in and significantly raising the cost of rent.

This visualization displays the trend in evictions, where evictions occur and for what reasons. All data is from SF Open Data. Two data sets were used:

  • A shapefile of San Francisco neighborhoods
  • A data set of evictions from 1997-2016

Data clean up and transformation was done in Alteryx, and visualization was done in Tableau. I connected to the aforementioned shapefile using the new Spatial File Connector in Tableau 10.2.

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